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Looking for a good oxidation remover

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Since almost all chrome is applied to plastic, sounds like you have the road "salt" residue...kinda greenish, goofy looking?...of so its the stuff with the sticky application, here in MN the bridges get a sodium chloride application with some molasses! that keeps it from running off, and with a few snows one after another, it accumilates and loooks wierd on he wheels especialy. hard to expliain, but if you look close it looks more like a build up, rather than oxidation....a good HAND washing, some times 2 or 3 to get it off....I never EVER,( ok sometimes on vacation its hard to find a do it yourself wash, but they are out there) go to drive thru car washes of any kind.


Every spring I use a Meguires brand Clay Bar, then the the 1-2-3- step cleaner, polish, wax.....a LOT OF WORK, but well worth it for protection on the paint and wheels.....Fair warning it can take ALL DAY!...usually takes me 12-16 hours!


For some light oxidation ( lug nuts,tail pipe extensions) I use CLR..the bathroom household cleaner in a spray bottle, with a sponge. I do this when I wash the car....keep it OFF THE PAINT...it will strip the wax right off! also dont let it "dry" a light wipe or rub, then rinse. hope this helps.


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I would highly recommend Adam's Metal Polish #1 and #2...I just did my exhaust tips with it and they came out great. They had some polish marks and looked a little dull from the winter, and using the #1 followed by #2 ...they look great again. You don't need much polish, a little goes a long way, but the results are great. I'm sure it would work to clean up all your chrome.

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I've used Collinite Metal Wax with good results. It is not a harsh abrasive, gets the metallic stuff clean, and protects the way I've only found Collinite products can. It may be due to the brake dust, but I will say on the wheels the Metal Wax does not seem to last as long as the #845 lasts on paint.



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