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Sensor missing screw?

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I was looking under the hood of my '13 today for wiring routing for my new gauges, when I saw this sensor on the intake manifold. It sure looks like it's missing a screw.


Even more curious is that it looks like the other hole isnt even drilled and tapped.


Whadda ya think?





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If the dealer explains that it's not needed, you might then unplug the sensor, remove the screw, the see what it takes to remove the sensor. It's possible that the base of the sensor and the bore of the manifold have a bayonet-like base where the sensor gets a quarter turn to hold it sealed in place and the single screw is only needed to keep the sensor from rotating loose, rather than relying on the screw to seal it. If that's the case, you shouldn't need to worry about it only have one tapped hole and one screw. However, the reason for this approach would likely not be to save money since the extra machining of the bore in the manifold would probably cost more than the drill, tap, and screw. It instead might indicate an issue was identified with the earlier models that caused Ford to make a fix....



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