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Looking at the sizes they have available for this tire, and I have a question. Using a tire size calculator there is only 0.1% difference between a 245/45 and a 275/40. Will a 275/40 fit on the front and back?


If a 275/40 fits the front, but only rubs during full turn, what about running the 275 on the back for daily driving, then rotate your tires before you went to the track, so only for that night did you have 275s on the front, and 245 rear, then rotate them again when you got home. lol

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As I said late in the season' date=' as in October and it was cold so I can't attest to anything just yet. But as you would expect they didn't do well in the cold.[/quote']


Ok, I waited some more for you to put some miles on them. Now what do you think?


As I have only track once this season, they did perform very well and was pleased with the traction they provided. So over all I am happy with they are quite I have heard from other some DR's can be noisy.

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