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Gauges in today

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Now that I've got another minute, I figured I'd share a few observations about the install on a '13.


I found it pretty easy to get the gauge cluster out. With the gauge cluster out, running the wires from the pod through the tightly packed dash was really easy.


The spot near the steering column is still a great place to get through the firewall


I used an add-a-circut to tap into the fuse box in the passenger compartment. I forget exactly which fuse I hit, but it is power on for start and run. That's what I needed for these gauges.


The line from the intake manifold to the brake booster is hard plastic most of the way. There is a formed rubber section near the brake booster. It is a 5/8" line. I used a 5/8" to 3/8" Tee fitting, then a length of 3/8 hose to a straight fitting that stepped down from 3/8 to 1/8.


Everything is temporarily zip tied into place until I get the fittings to add the coolant and oil pressure sensors. When I get everything I need for those, it will all be taped, loomed, and zip tied out of sight as much as possible to keep a factory appearance.


I didn't shoot many pictures. Figured I could get them when I finished everything up.


All in all, it took as long to track down the right combination of vacuum line fittings as it did to get everything in place. Things went really quickly once I took the gauge cluster out. Incidentally, I was amazed that there is only one connector on the back of the gauge cluster.


Thanks for the compliments. Can't wait to get it all finished... cleaned... and pictured looking its best.

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I had one of those to test and there didn't seem to be enough contrast between the lit up stuff and the background so I returned it. Did you go through the rubber boot right behind the cluster that you had to take the wipers off to get to from the engine side? I'm having a hell of a time finding the fittings I want. I'd rather have just one tee then the double step down like you used.

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His are the prosport evo series



See how the background glows along with the numbers and stuff? If the backgrounds were darker I would have kept them in a heartbeat!

The dimming was static too. Theres a dial in the back that you set and leave. All you can do is have it switch colors with a dimmer wire.

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I drilled a hole hear where the steering column goes through. It came out under the insulation pretty much directly below the brake booster.


When I was looking for a tee fitting, I tried plumbing parts from lowes, but couldn't get the right combination of parts at my local store. I was hesitant about using a two step setup like I've got, but the 3/8 inch line that comes from the first junction looks like a factory piece, and goes just far enough down that the reduction to 1/8 is out of sight.


The dimmer on the gauges is static. There is an adjustment on the back of the gauge, but it doesn't change with lighting or anything like that. You can wire it to be one color with lights on and the other color with lights off, but I have them on white all the time.


As far as the contrast, I see what you're saying. There is a bit of a purple hue to the background of the gauges while lit, but I like them still. I have them more for eye candy than useable data. It is my kid hauler, so it's not likely to see much dragstrip or autox use... although I'm still torn about having it tuned. Even if I do decide on a tune, I'll be finishing an MR2 engine swap first... then, if there's money left, I'll go for the tune.

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Are you sure the vac line is 5/8"? If so how tight was it on the barb? I think crash said he used a slightly smaller 5/16 and I found stuff to make 5/16 and 1/8 tee on amazon.



Ok I think i found the difference. Crash used the vac line at the throttle body which is slimmer on mine at 11mm ID (marked on the hose) and you used the curly thick hose by the brake booster. The slimmer line looks stretched out to fit over the factory barb and the closest I can find in barbs is 3/8" (9.5mm too small) or 1/2" (12.7mm too large). Can you take a pic of your tee? That hose is so curly I'm having trouble picturing where you'd fit a tee in there.

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Tee is a little too long for where I used it, but I figured if I found something better later, I could always swap it out.


5/8" was REALLY tight in this hose, but it went on with no problems... with a little lube.


Routing is temporary. I've still got to put in oil pressure and temp sensors. I figured I'd clean and loom everything while I was in there finishing that up.





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  • 4 years later...

Anyone know if the gauge pod is still available. I thought crash was the member to contact but he is either on vacation or no longer checking this site out.

If anyone can provide feedback on who to contact that would be much appreciated.

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