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SHO's First AutoX PE


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This was the first point’s event of the season. I had just gone to an AutoX drivers school the day before and learned a lot. I ran consistent all day, getting faster as the day got warmer. I came in second in RTA right behind a STi on upgraded street tires. I was only behind him by just under 2 seconds. Better tires will help a lot; there just aren’t that many options for my car. Body roll is not a major concern as the car doesn’t have much of it. If can find a way to

upgrade the sway bar bushings that should help out some what.



Besides that it was a busy day. We had over 160 people register, we had 5 runs each. There was one ms3 there but I didn’t get a chance to see it run. There were droves of BRZ/FRS there mostly in RTR. It will be interesting to see what that car does this year nationally.





Here is a compilation of my runs from today.



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That looks like a lot of fun. I've personally never done any auto crossing myself, but I rode passenger when a friend did it in his Evo... it was sweet as hell!



Very nice! Can you post a video without the music? Love to hear the motor and tires....the music's good though.


I thought this very same thing! I'd love to hear a little motor rumble and tire squealing with a little bit of wind. I too didn't think the music was bad.

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