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2010 SHO changing wiper blades.

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My SHO was in need of new wipers blades so this is what I did to replace them. I ordered them from Rock Auto, the Passenger side is 20" long and the Motorcraft Premium part number is WW-2001-PF the drivers side is 26" long and the Motorcraft Premium part number is WW-2601-PF. The blades come with 3 adapters, I used adapter "B". Once I got it in my head how the adapter went into place it was a piece of cake to do. All total $22.58 which included Priority Shipping and the wiper blades were here in two days. I maybe could have gotten them a little cheaper here in town using some off the wall brand but I try to give as little money to the state of maryland in taxes as I can as I hate living here...lol.

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