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removing hood blanket

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I've read a couple of buried posts about guys removing the hood blanket to hear a little more engine/turbo noise. I have a 2013 F150 Ecoboost that I drive for work. The turbos sound amazing on the F150. I can't hear anything at all on my SHO. I was wondering what the ill effects may be of removing the hood blanket and/or engine cover. I noticed they are pretty thick, and I'm assuming the ecoboost gets pretty hot. Any performance losses due to heat by removing the insulation? Any hood paint worries due to the heat if I take the blanket off?

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I removed my hood blanket for a short period of time (after hood vent install) and didn't notice a lick of difference in performance with it removed.


My IAT's remained the same, & I didn't notice any more noise either.


It was so incredibly hideous looking with that thing removed, that I actually chose to reinstall it.


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Just curious' date=' but was it hideous due to the work of your vents or just that general area on stock hoods is hideous?[/b']


Ha! My hood vents are a thing of beauty and functionality tyvm.


But as far as what it looks like underneath when the engine hood blanket is removed......


This is what I mean by hideous....... :fear:




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Good one Steve!

Honestly I true don't understand what the big deal is IAT's are. Trust me I know how works, before we go there.


It's seems most are worried about the IAT's at idle which quickly rises due to ambient air near by which is hot. Especially in summer time your sucking hot air of the road and heat soak from engine.

But these temp are pre inter cooler and only inlet temps. While cooling inlet temps increase performance that just goes with out saying.

But the focus should be on the intake manifold air temp, which I believe is not readable by any of our devices at this time.

But the only way your going to drop intake air temp is with a air-h2o inter cooler.

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