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Painted SHO on fender emblem

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I believe you may be the first' date=' at least on this forum, to "upgrade" the fender emblems! Nice work. [/b']



Ahem.... he's not the 1st to have "upgraded" fender emblems.


I think Kirk Doucette, the owner of NESHO was the 1st, I quickly followed suit by occupying the 2nd slot.....


Here's the reason why I don't upgrade to the 'SHO' fender emblems, because this was all hand lettered & professionally painted:






.....and even though I could've been gifted a pair of the 'SHO' fender emblems for free, I declined.


My car exclaims 'SHO' in plenty of other places throughout the exterior, that I felt adding them (to mine) in that fender location would've been overkill.


But I will add, I do like the appearance of those red 'SHO' letters..... good stuff there Maynard :thumb:

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since mine's a '10 & got lots of decals all over, changing out to '13 version i thought even for me was a little over the top. i've got to find somebody in STL that can duplicate what you had done. would look great on my white. although i sure like the SHO in red as well version.

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I went with the '13 vents just because I liked the look of them better then the '10's. Besides after I saw how great Mike's look (and they are awesome) I couldn't come up with a paint scheme that really thrilled me on the red car. However, I do agree, with the hood stripes and now the SHO on the vents, it's almost too much, but I do like them better then the '10 vents...at least on my red car, but you guys have done some great mods and I like they way they look!

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