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Finally the search is over. Do to my normally impulsive nature with purchasing cars, I decided to actually take my time, do my research and pick a car I can actually stick with for a good amount of time. Spent 6 hours Saturday waxing and detailing her. I absolutely love it.





2010 Taurus SHO



27,560 miles



1 Owner, clean Carfax



California car

















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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you join us here!


These cars are a lot of fun, and are very receptive to modding. I'm sure you'll have a blast and there's lots of great members here, who've posted lots of info and I'm sure you'll enjoy all that's been posted here prior to your arrival.


Thanks for posting the pics that you have, and keep the community posted as your mod list expands.









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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am now officially addicted to the SHO. I have owned 18 vehicles in my 19 years of driving (yes, some cars I only kept for a few months, some for several years) and the SHO tops them all.


This is the best forum I have found, and I have already put to use some of the great advice I have found here. Changed my cabin filter last night and it was FILTHY. Afterwards, it completely neutralized any smell from the A/C. It was a tad difficult getting the glovebox back in place though ;)


Thanks again all.


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