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Went for a ride in fast car.


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The other day I got to take a ride in a very unique car, by friend is a engineer for plugin electric cars and he brought home a Tesla Model S. AND WOW IS THIS CAR FAST! It is a rocket, I decided to see how fast it was with the pocket dyno app on my phone. Don't think its very accurate though, because the mph's it was recording was much faster then the cars speedo was saying. But I recorded 1.7-1.8 60' times and 0-60's where 3.7 - 3.8 seconds. But my butt dyno said this car would absolutely smoke my car.



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Very nice car and electric too, that is the future. However, I would really put a 1,000$ on your car! RWD cars feel faster, but they aren't. Our SHOs don't transmit that feeling being FWD bias and AWD. That Tesla S is a sec car... if they don't encounter traction issues.

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