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Hey, I'm Jason. First off, I just wanted to say guys have a great online community here and this forum is loaded with tons of useful information.


Anyways, here's my story. I've had a 2003 STS for the past few years. This past christmas eve, on my way home to Chicago to spend the holidays with the fam, a deer decided to lay in front of me on an unlit stretch of I-94 at 4AM. The caddy didn't make it. So, I began my search for a new daily driver. I needed something not too small, decent on gas, and something that that wouldn't cripple my wallet as I had planned on purchasing a newer corvette this year. I decided on a newer fusion. Went to go look at a few and came across a Tuxedo Black non PP SHO with two tone seats. Figured I'd take her for a spin as I had always wondered how they drove. I fell in love and drove her home that night.


As this was meant to be my daily driver, I planned on leaving her stock. This lasted up until last week. Last wednesday I got15% tints all the way around minus the windshield and tinted my tails. Thursday I stopped off at Livernois and picked up a Corsa catback and catted downpipes and installed the catback. Friday my K&N CAI came in and turned out to be the wrong model so I had to send it back and order the correct model. Saturday my MyCal came in and I mounted it and took a ride up to LMS to see if it would be possible to get the tunes ASAP, as I had planned on installing the downpipes that day. They were swamped and couldn't get around to it until monday. And today I painted my flaking tail light chrome, removed the Taurus badges and touched up a few chips on my hood using Dr Color Chip. Tomorrow my if my tunes come in, I plan on loading them and installing my downpipes and tuesday my CAI should be in so that will be installed.


What I'm trying to say is... this car is bad for me, but I don't mind one bit. Looks like my plans on getting a newer corvette will have to take the backseat for a while.


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Welcome, welcome, welcome :welcome:


So you live in the Chi-Town area now? If so, sounds like you're enjoying the crap out of your SHO with those trips out to LMS.


I had the misfortune of colliding with an errant raccoon who darted out into the roadway going after a discarded bag of McDonald's.


Tore off my lower front spoiler & a lil other cosmetic stuff, but it's get'n all worked on at the moment.


You'll love the SHO, as much as I'm sure you'd love the Vette.


Two entirely different platforms ofcourse, but each respectful in their own rights.


Thanks for the kind words about our little community here.... thanks to all of those who have preceded you, and posted their experiences, info, knowledge, etc.


You're well on your way with an opening post such as this, and we all collectively look forward to your future contributions.



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Welcome from "SHO-OFF the SOUTH" Group. With MOD's you will have a 4DR Vette,Audi R8,or GTR(all $80k-130k new). With 12.0sec (maybe 11.?sec this yr) 1/4 mi for less than $50k who needs a vette.LOL I auto-x my car and as a rookie in the shock class I ran a 56sec lap the Vette a 49sec and he was not stock and didn't have a instructor and 2 passenger in the car!!!!!! LOL GO SHO!!!!! http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/shoman04/media/SUNP0007_zps36ce8347.mp4.html?sort=3&o=2#/user/shoman04/media/SUNP0007_zps36ce8347.mp4.html?sort=3&o=2&_suid=136783168922905645233106318428

AUDI R8 (with a 600hp tune) ran 12.1sec 1/4mi. vs 13.0sec SHO (rematch this yr alter METH,d-pipe)





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So you live in the Chi-Town area now? If so' date=' sounds like you're enjoying the crap out of your SHO with those trips out to LMS.[/quote']


Actually I grew up just north of Chicago, but now live in the Detroit area. I'm actually only 10-15 minutes from LMS. I realize now how you could have misunderstood. But I definitely have been enjoying it, as work frequently sends me out of town. The project I'm currently on has me commuting 40 miles each way and will eventually have me spending some time at Lima Engine. I've had my SHO for 2 months and have already racked up 6,500 miles.

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Welcome. You also might look at Chris's gauge pod. I know he's got one left, as I took the 2nd one he had left & are now waiting on my EVO gauges from Prosports. You are right this site can do nothing but make your wallet a lot lighter but wow is it worth it. My grand niece all of 19 came up to me at a family event this weekend & I'm 67 & asked if she could take a ride in my cool car. Well what can you say & I don't even have the brakes, calipher covers, & gauge pod installed yet. So welcome to the club.


PS: thanks for tip on the Dr Color clip. My tricoat white is real tough to match so got some of theirs on order

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