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I've never owned a turbocharged gasoline engine, just a turbocharged diesel.


Should I use premium fuel for this car? I don't mind the extra $3-$5 for the tank if it's actually necessary--if there is no real "advantage" than I would be fine with unleaded.


I know the dealership put unleaded in, but probably because their cheap skates. I did look in manual and it says "Premium Fuel for improved performance".


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The car will have improved performance with premium fuel and I have found (with the SHO) that the increase in mileage is will offset the cost of premium fuel. I think you will find most of us use premium fuel...some because the tune requires premium, but after seeing the increased performance with premium fuel. I always used premium even before I had the tune. Just as a point of reference, it may take a few tanks of premium before the you see the full benefit of the increase in performance.

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I ended up putting premium in anyways. It was quite funny, my DTE said 20 miles, my fuel gauge was just about E and my car only took 15.6 gallons on 19 gallon tank.


I'm hoping the computer just needs to calibrate since it is a brand new car.


When I filled up the DTE read 270 miles to empty LOL.


Given what I've seen and read; the extra $4 bucks gives me a piece of mind on a $50k car. This is the first, most expensive, vehicle I have owned that was brand new.

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I've learned that the computer is not very accurate when tracking gas mileage...the only reliable way to do it is the old fashioned way of filling to the same point and dividing miles driven by gallons used. Also the DTE will vary based on the computer is whatever your average mpg is in the computer...mine usually is somewhere between 375 and 425 when I fill it.

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You bought a turbo car which if there's any issues with detonation will cause engine damage' date=' the easiest way to mitigate this is to run the highest octane fuel available to you. Why take the chance on having pinging/reduced performance for a few cents a gallon, the risk/reward just isn't there for the money.[/quote']


The car does have knock sensors on it and has been designed to work on regular 87 pump gas...its basically the same engine as what's found in the F-150, and that doesn't require super in it to run properly.


I'm going back and forth with mine between regular and super to see if I see any changes in MPG...




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