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Introducing myself

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Hey Guys,


I just purchased my 13 SHO and joined this forum. Looking forward to learning from y'all. I am 44 years old and a long time Ford fan. I have dragged Mustangs at the local strip starting in High School up until I got married in 94 (funny how that happens). Ended up selling both Stangs within the 1st 2 years of marriage (funny how that happens). My high school Stang was a 69 Mach I with a built 351W that ran low 14's (keep in mind 2:76 gears, no posi and street tires) I also had a 90 GT that ran high 14's (stock motor with bolt ons, 3:76 gears and slicks).


In the early 90's I talked my parents into buying a SHO and letting me take it to the local strip. I ran a 15:50 in stock form and no tweaks. I was sold ever since and when the 2013 model came out with the perf package, I had to get it.


I have just under 1000 miles on it and taking to the strip tomorrow night. No mods yet, I want to see what it will do in stock form. Any one have some 1/4 E.T.'s for a stock late model SHO they can share. I would like to know what to expect. Just driving it around and feeling the power this has, I am thinking mid 14's to high 13's. Weather should be perfect tomorrow night in the 70's.


Again, I am glad to be here and looking forward to taking in the education from Y'all.



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PP SHO, 402A package (I think this car has every option available), Tuxedo Black (the fastest color lol) with the 2 tone Black/Gray int...My local dealer did not have one in stock but located exactly what I was looking for at a dealer 2 hours away. We negotiated a deal and they made a trade for it and had it here the next day. It was painless to say the least.


The GEN 2 SHO is no longer in the family. That car was ahead of its time.

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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to have you here. I am sure with your background, and history with the SHO platform, that our members will appreciate your knowledge, & love of the car.


Lots of great info posted here thus far, and our membership continues to expand.


We've recently upgraded to a new forums software package & are still working out some navigational issues, etc. But for the most part, things are progressing well.


Contribute where you may, and we all look forward to your involvement! :thumb:


Mike :yo:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2



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welcome.gifGlad you've joined us. Hope you find your time here informative and helpful. Also if you check the drag racing area of the forum, you'll find a lot of ET's and info on guys that have had the car to the track. I think you will find that most are running low to mid 13's in stock form...depending on track and conditions.

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