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Ruby Red owners?

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I've had my 2013 SHO for about a month and half now and finally got around to doing a good detail on it this weekend....and I've noticed that the Ruby Red paint on the car, well kind sucks! I already have a couple chips in the paint and I've found alot of small paint flaws in the paint. Anyone else notice this with their cars?




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I almost purchased a red '13. The red paint looked pretty good on the car I almost bought. I ended up getting white from another dealer via a dealer trade instead. Quite honestly, the red paint looked a lot better than the white paint on the car that I purchased. Heavy orange peel which seemed more noticeable on the white along with the dealer installed swirls and definitely a few flaws here and there.


I had a clear bra put on my '13 before it saw any miles. Hope that helps with the paint chips.


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Will have to take a good luck on my SHO, but I did not see anything terribly unusual. Seems all these cars have orange peel like paint these days...probably the result of EPA regulations.


Had one paint chip on the driver's side passenger door that I made them put on the lease agreement so there would be no issues later.


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