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Skid plate under engine

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crash712us is correct..... those fasteners are NOT are separate, orderable item.


You would have to purchase the ENTIRE pan, just to get those individual pieces.


I would scan through the local junk yards 1st, then maybe search online.


There was some chatter about this a couple of years ago, albeit on an different forums community, about a member there, who had located an alternative fastener, that worked just as well as the OEM one's, but the cost was mere peanuts in comparison to replacing the entire damn pan.


I'll look around and see what I can dig up...... no promises though.




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Sometimes Ford sucks This is a serious problem. It may be just a stupid fastener but why do they need to make you buy a entire part to replace a $5.00 part with a $40.00 part. Shame on Ford for doing that.

I had the same problem with another clip on my Shelby. I also couldn't get factory tape to tape a wire to a clip on the firewall. I had to buy the new wire. Is this not ridiculous. Is a wonder people keep going back to Ford to buy cars when they cant get a simple part for them. They cant tell us that they ran out of them when they have bins full of them.

As for the original complaint here make Ford send you a new part. Don't forget to see the old part. They have to at least show you that its been replaced with a complete part and not just a fastener that you couldn't buy. Silly Ford

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I don't think wiring it up or zip strapping it will work because the part that the twist lock goes into is in the frame and I don't think there is a way to thread it through. I lost the part that was in the frame on the rear of the pan, but that part is available. I used Gorilla tape to hold up the one until the part came in. But my car is not a daily driver so the tape worked well enough...don't know that that would be a good solution for a car that sees daily use and bad weather.

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You can't drill into the frame and use a metal screw because of the existing holes. There are female fasteners that are in the frame to accept the twist locks in the plate.


You can remove it, but those that have done it have noticed an increase in hood shaking at speed with it removed.

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