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Hello fellow EBOF family......


I was monkeying around today with my SHO, and was hooking up / installing an alternative power supply box that I use to use while doing the bigger car shows back in the day when I had my Charger.


I actually own two power supply units, one is 35amps, the newer one is 75amps.


Each unit came with a set of power cables. One end (of cables) would mount to your car's battery, the remaining set of cables to the device itself. Then the two cable ends would connect to eachother via quick connect couplers.


Nifty lil contraptions I must say, and has saved me many a headaches at the end of w/e show I had been doing, whereas I had power, but many others who had been running their audio, TV's, specialty lighting, etc. found themselves with dead batteries by the end of the show, if not before hand.


Anyhow, I happened to just glance down at the "eye" on my factory installed, Motorcraft battery, & noticed 1/2 half was red, the other 1/2 was black.


"Uh oh" immediately came to mind and I realized that this is after all, THE factory original battery, which by now, is 3, almost 4 years old, so eh, guess it's time to replace it.


My research showed that the BTX-65-650 battery (which is OE) is what Ford considers to be their "medium duty" use battery.


I chose to upgrade to the BTX-65-850 battery, which is considered by Ford to be their "Motorcraft MAX" series of batteries and it list's at an MSRP of: $119.95.


I was able to find it damn near close to $100 flat from a local parts source, so it was a no brainer.


Just thought it'd be nice to toss y'all the proper part #'s, for both the factory / OEM replacement, as well as the upgrade, as well as a reminder for those of you rocking 2010's, or even perhaps 2011's, y'all might want to take a gander at your battery's "eye" and see if yours needs replacing.


Would hate to see / hear about any of you getting stranded for something as simple of a fix as this! :thumb:


Happy motoring fellow Eco owners!





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:RpS_thumbsup: Thanks Mike both the power supply, which is a great idea, especially for a car that sits and is not a daily driver. Also for the battery numbers....I've always thought I'd replace mine with an Optima, but it's hard to justify the cost when you can pick up a regular one with 850-950CCA for about $100.00 or less.

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For those of you interested in the alternate power supply options, that will help not only maintain your battery, but also divert drawing power from the battery itself, and instead, run off of normal, household electric, check out the following website for more info on what I described in post #1.


Here's the link --------> http://cascadeaudio.com/power_converters/power_converters.htm



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