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Embreeville State Hospital ; originally an insane asylum

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This facility started out as the Chester County Almshouse in 1798, and was intended to care for the insane poor and neglected of the county. On September 29, 1938 the commonwealth took total control of the facility as part of their new state-wide legislation, known as the "Full State Care Act". In 1971, a juvenile detention center was place within a few buildings at the hospital site for six years, before finally moving on to better physical accommodations. Embreeville was the second sate facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to close its doors, in 1980, following that of Hollidaysburg State Hospital.


Referene: http://www.asylumprojects.org/index.php?title=Embreeville_State_Hospital and Photoshoot by someone else:

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I meant to say too this is a complex; it has 13 sites over like 60 acres or something. I have a friend who is a state police corporal checking to see if I can get permission; there is a fall out shelter in basement of one building that I want to photograph with my Canon Ti. All the doors are pretty much busted open from kids and such. The site closed down I think in the 80's and has been dormant since.


Your not even supposed to be on the grounds LOL.


Cool pics' date=' along with a cool background story..... Thanks for posting :thumb: Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2 [/quote']


Thanks bpd! I had fun taking the photos. I love my car LOL.


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Here are some filtered photos -- I had a little time on my hands today to mess around with effects. I normally just post raw images--never was real big on the whole effects deal but people twist my arm. I think they look pretty wicked.
























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