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Custom Exhaust today.

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OK all!

A long awaited day today. Installing new exhaust in meh car at a local shop.

Going with all new Stainless steel pipe, 2.5" all the way back. "X" pipe up front removing suitcase and the "other" one. Going with Magnaflow 14"ers w 4" tips double walls, tapered and rolled.


Dropping it off this morning. Should be done to pickup late today.


Hoping for a low throaty sound at idle and take off and little drone at Highway speeds.


Excited. :)


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Please post a video or at least pictures. Do you have the part # of your x-pipe and mufflers? and if incline' date=' total $? I am really interested in doing a custom setup also. Tahnk you![/quote']


He will be creating the "X" pipe 2.5" dia and all the way back. Told him to route it just like stock. I'll get the numbers for mufflers when I pick it up.


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Did not really know how to do this. I did it with my phone then uploaded to YouTube.

Sorry in advance if it looks like I have no idea what I am doing....


Cuz I don't!


Stainless steel pipe, 2.5" all the way back.

"X" pipe up front.

2 Magnaflow mufflers #12226.

4" tips double walled, tapered and rolled.


It is quieter than I thought it would be but I really like it. More class and less kid fluff. Was afraid of it being too loud. NOT the case thank goodness.

Still has the high end luxury feel.

It definitely sounds more V8. In and out of the car.

It may be just me... but it seems quicker off the line and on accelerations.

Oh well I will enjoy it. :D


Guys who did the work. https://www.facebook.com/OcMufflerMan?fref=ts

The Muffler Man.

(714) 524-7818





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Was the x-pipe #10791?


No. was custom made. And 2.5" pipe all the way back.


I am so happy with it so far. Such low end sound. Not too loud. Maybe could be only minutely more, but it is good. Before getting it I was worried it would be too loud.

And you can really hear the shifts. Turbos are slightly more audible.



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cool if you don't mind my asking what was the cost for such a system?


I paid $800. Large portion would be labor and pipe I assume.

Good considering the 2.5" pipe difference. With xpipe and the 2 mufflers.

Corsa is 1500? I think? right?


And from what I have heard on the net. This is more what I wanted. So... I'm happy with the work and how it worked out.


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Sounds good. Really worried about the drone though. But I was able to hear the turbos pretty well. I may have to go see him in Placentia.


If your that close, you should come see my car and check it out for yourself before spending any money. PM me and I will let ya know where we can meet. I'm near Fry's elect. in Anaheim all day today.


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Really worried about the drone though.


Yes. After being in the car a bit more. And taking it on the freeway finally.... The drone I hear is in low speeds mostly.


But, in all fairness wont any louder exhaust have some drone? Isn't it just hearing the exhaust note inside? When is hearing the exhaust note turn to "drone". I think I know what everyone talks about but not completely.



But I was able to hear the turbos pretty well.


Turbo's? Honestly I do not hear mine as much as others in some of the you tubes out there.


I do also have a sound that has always been there since day one. You can only hear it when inside. Kind of air restriction sound. I thought it would go away after the mod. But, still there after the exhaust change. Maybe everyone has it. Just doesn't seem right to me.

Maybe it is coming from this.




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Another question for ya' date=' is anything that was removed needed for smog? Or how about the x-pipe, are the smog techs going to be ok with that? Thanks.[/quote']


Was concerned about your question as well. So a cat back system was for me. I really do not want to go thru that hassle of re-installing stock if I could help it. So, I did some homework...


And I have everything still and can bolt back in if needed.


I started out wanting the Corsa exhaust. Because of the legality of it as stated in the ad here.



But, was not sure I liked the sound and price. Wanted the magnaflow mufflers instead.

As in the ad listed above. Corsa is a 50 state legal system. 2.5" all the way back x pipe and all. The only difference is magnaflow.




Full Cat-Back System which bolts directly to the stock flanges

Includes CORSA's Engineered XO-Style Crossover Pipe to dramatically improve air flow and sound

Straight-through 2.5", nonrestrictive system design which increased airflow by 120%, thus improving performance and fuel economy.

CORSA's Patented RSC™ Technology allows us to acoustically style the sound of your SHO to give you the true voice of performance without the annoying drone while cruising

Reduced the 4 stock mufflers to 2 CORSA mufflers making the system 3lbs. lighter than stock

Dual rear exit with a single 4" Polished Pro-Series Tip per side

All components, even clamps and hangers, of the system are constructed of welded premium grade, 304 Stainless Steel to ensure the look and sound of your system that won't change over the life of your vehicle

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Berea, OH, USA

Quickly enjoy the CORSA sound with an easy bolt-on installation. No welding needed and all hardware and detailed, full-color instructions are included

50-State emissions legal, SAE J1169 legal

Limited LIFETIME warranty for as long as you own your vehicle


I hope this helps you.

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