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I was thinking about using wheel spacers until I get some wider wheels. What brand and where did you all buy yours?

I don't want the cheap typical tire shop junk, I'm looking for solid higher quality aluminum that are stronger since I like twisties on a regular basis.

I'm thinking 3/8 would be a good size but I'm honestly not sure about this. What did you guys use?



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Everything you could possibly want to know about quality wheel spacers, as well options, videos, etc.


Been a while since I've trolled through their site myself, but I'll take a stab and guess they may not have our vehicle(s) / platform(s) listed as an option.


Just give them a jingle, they've always been helpful with me.


Report back with your findings. :thumb:


Mike :yo:







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Bolt pattern is: 5x114.5


I forgot the hub size, but somewhere here, it had been posted previously.


I know H&R has them for our vehicle, because I called & inquired about them before, prior to picking up my aftermarket (wider) wheels.


So they have an application. It's not like we have some magical, mystical weird assembly / production.


Like I said previously, you must call them. Not everything is internet based, point & click, & if it's not there.... give up.


Sometimes (which I am thankful for) phone calls, and actual human interaction are required.


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What thickness of spacers did you chose and does it require to change studs length?


I have 8mm spacers at home but when I tried one, only 2-3 threads where engaged so I did not used them. I not sure if I keep those 8mm and change studs or keep studs and buy thinner spacers...

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So, I decided to keep my 8mm (5/16'') spacers and change the studs. Problems is I can't get exact specs of current wheel studs. Depending on the web site, it's either 1/2-20 or 12mm x 1.5. Also the knurl diameter and the lenght is never revealed... Anybody knows the exact wheel stud specs for 2013 SHO?





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No, rare question to ask, and IDK the answer myself. Have you tried contacting your parts dept at your local dealer?


You can even consider shooting an email over to Unleashed Tuning and/or accessing their parts database by visiting:



Thanks for the site but it doesn't share specs. 9$/stud !




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Well, I just clicked your image you attached, and for the measly $10, I'd buy both sets or what have you, get 'em in on your end, and measure them up, and post your findings here for others to follow.


A small sacrifice to make for the benefit of the community and your fellow members overall.


Especially those who may also be considering doing the spacers and finding themselves running into the same predicament you have as it relates to the wheel stud issues.


Just a suggestion :thumb:

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