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Videos of my Livernois tuned MKT kicking butts on the 1/8 mile

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I wanted to go with my SHO, but my methanol injection is not priming sufficiently and I have an appointment to verify if there is not air coming in the pump at the same time... Anyways, last Thursday, I decided to make a change and went on a 1/8 mile track since my usual 1/4 mile track was doesn't open on Thursdays. I had a blast with my wife's Lincoln MKT. It only has a tune, but it was kicking ass that night! You can watch two little videos filmed from my iphone, so sorry for the quality. Not many cars were faster than the MKT that night. DA was 1600, around 80F, humid. I was running consistent 8.7's, which would give me a 13.5-13.6 mile. I was spinning a lot through the first gear.

I gave a lesson to a new Jeep SRT8. I was faster than 2 older Jeep SRT8 that were running 8.9-9.1.

I bet against the Mitsubishi Ralliart 50$-2$... I let him the 2$... I just wanted to take his friend's place in the big line up lol!



2010 tuned Lincoln MKT vs 2013 Jeep SRT8


2010 tuned Lincoln MKT vs 2011 Mitsubishi Ralliart


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