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how much psi

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Well im jus wondering how mNy lbs of boost you guys running on ur shos and how do u guys raise it is the a inograted boost controler in the tunning any help would be highly appreciated and what about e85 there is a e85 table chart in the custom tuning anybody ever tried it

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With the direct injection e85 is not recommended. Stock tune you could probably get away with 1/2 tank tops, but may run to lean. I ran 3 to 4 gallons on top of 93 pump on stock tune. Car felt fine, but not noticeably faster. Getting a tune from one of the vendors is the way to raise psi. Guy's are running 10-18 psi depending on mods etc. Someone is working on a port injection added to the direct injection to add the fuel needed for e85. fyi

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Does any body know what the stock boost is and what the various stages of Livernois tunes produce?


​I believe the stock boost is 8-12 with most cars running about 10psi.

LMS tunes 91 & 93 get you 12-15psi (adds 3-5psi)

Meth 15-18psi


With the stock tune in my gauge reads 10psi, with 91 or 93 it''s 14.5-15psi

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Stock boost is in the 8-11psi range(s)


The various "stages" of LMS tune files increase boost from 11-14psi


The guys running Methanol on the Stage 5 are peaking, or quickly maxing at 18psi on the stock turbo's with the required addition of the 3bar MapV Sensor


The stock / OEM 2bar Mapv Sensor will only allow a max of 14.2psi


Two EBOF members (who are running the aftermarket, upgraded turbo's) are running in the 20-22psi range(s)


As far as the use, or inclusion of E85..... there is an Eco owner, albeit from another community, who is in the current testing phases of using E85 fuel, and the work that individual has put in, has been to say the least....... extensive.


Completely custom fuel rails, tank, you name it.


Results are still pending.


Hope that answers some, or most of the OP's question(s).


Enjoy :yo:


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As for tuning yourself. I believe it has yet to be done. e85 the fuel system isn't capable to meet fuel needs on e85, all thought there is guy that added 6 injector to his intake and a separate controller to run e85. But its still in very early stages of development and is yet to be tried as of yet.

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