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Race Ramp Oil Change

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I am loving these RR-56 Race Ramps. I had around 15" of clearance under the SHO to access the drain plug / filter. I was also able to inspect the CV boots, etc. for oil changes these rock. They hold 3000 lbs per set, and they weigh 13 lbs each, made in the US.


The drain plug was torqued way beyond spec, I had to tap the ratchet with a mallet to loosen it. Also, there was a Car Quest oil filter installed on there... not sure why. (They are a renamed Wix filter).


The oil change was simple on the SHO, as many other members have said. Used a Motorcraft FL-500S filter and 6 quarts of German Castrol 0W-30. It may just be mental, but the car seems to love this oil, very smooth and quiet. I have no idea what was in there before. 6 Quarts in, absolutely perfect level on the dipstick... no leaks.





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