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So after looking at some of the more recent threads, a thought popped in my mind. How much oil is called for when doing an oil change for the MKS/SHO? The manual says 5.5 qts but is that with the filter? I know I could do it by adding a little at a time a checking the dipstick but wanted to see what you guys are doing. Only have had my car for a month and the dealer changed the oil when I purchased the car. TIA!

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believe that changed for the 2011's and it is 6 quarts with the filter. My manual says 5.5, but that's also what the normally aspirated engine calls for in it's manual. I have been, and most of us agree that 6 quarts is required because of the additional oil in the turbos and lines. I have been using 6 quarts and even the dipstick shows oil in the normal range, and I've experienced nothing negative from going with the extra 1/2 quart.

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