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Easy entry/exit function not working properly.

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I have the function turned off, as when you stop the car, the seat ends up going to far back to exit, and it crushes the feet of anyone in the back seat. Anyhow, I was unloading stuff from the car today, and on one of the trips, I open the door, and I hear the steering wheel adjusting. I am like wtf? I go to pull car into my shop, and the seat and sterring wheel start doing their adjusting. That should not be on. I go i to the menu to check on it, and the area to change it is ghosted out and unaccessible. Anyone know the problem?

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Glad that it's working properly...last year about this time, I had my seats go crazy, the lower lumbar on the driver seat began inflating whenever it felt like doing it....no pattern, just randomly inflating to full. The passenger seat had been doing it since new....every time you would deflate it, it would stay deflated, until the car was shut off, when ever the car was restarted it would inflate to full. Required both seats to basically be rebuilt with new components....it took almost 2 complete days as they had to be removed from the car. However, it was covered by warranty.

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