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Forum issue?


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Since the switch to the new forum software, theres been an issue with the older topics not displaying newer posts for me? For Example, in this thread:




It shows it was last updated 6-15-2013 by mjhpadi on the forum main page, but when I open it up, the last post is from mjhpadi, but its from 4-06-2013. Also the SHO spotting thread hasn't been updated when I see it also, and I've even posted to it!


Anyone else having problems?

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Page counts are not being reflected properly, especially on threads started prior to the software switchover.


You can manually do this by using the Filter - Today/Week option, or clicking in the box next to Page and pressing the ENTER key. That will properly refresh page count.



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To help mitigate the need for multiple pages, I have done this:


Click your username in the top right corner of the forum and select user settings.

Then select account

Scroll down to find the "Posts per page" and select 40 (or whatever you like, "forum default" is 15).


That way the forum will not force a 2nd, 3rd, etc page until there are at least 40 posts in a thread. Many threads don't get quite that far for a good period of time so you can always be sure you see the latest posts without having to change pages.


I will say that if you are using a slow connection, this may increase your page load times, so be aware of that.


Photos attached of the selections you need to make.

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