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New Carriage Works Grills installed

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Bottom 2 are simply bolt-overs... the top one requires some serious cutting! LOL! Not the best design and seemed to get some wrong mounting hardware... BUT did get it mounted...








When you are standing it front of the Flex looking down, you really don't realize just how OPEN that top grill is! From these pictures it sure seems like it lets a lot more air flow through than:




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Believe me... it does!!!... Straight line for air into the Filter area....


I like the look with your Charcoal wheels! NOW LOWER THE DAMN THING!!!!! With the stock tires, ride is not changed much, and handling improves dramatically! I also have air bags in the rear that are pumped up to around 50 lbs.


Now you need to go back in and paint everything flat black that isn't already. I also added a small FORD emblem to make my Brick look "Factory". Didn't plan that initially... but got so many comments on "what is it" that I figured Ford needed some help!





Later I cobbled it up with a EB SHO emblem & a Twin Turbo (replacing Turbo grille logo). After all... it is really a SHO Wagon....

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Aluminum Foil... Shiny=New Black= Used on Charcoal Grille a couple times!!!


All Carriage works grilles are billet Aluminum. They come in satin, polished and black anodized. They make grilles for many applications. Reasonably priced for quality - AutoAnything is one of their dealers. The Flex grille is sold in 2 parts. The top is one item, and the bottom 2 sections are the other. It does take a bit of cutting away the black stock grille backing to install. Supposedly that is in place to help with aerodynamics, but looks to me like a big restriction on the radiator and for allowing cool air to the CAI.


Since I installed mine a couple days after purchasing my Brick, I never got a chance to test the cooling effect. But... I seem to have none of the radiator cooling issues of SHO owners. Of course our system is designed to tow 4,500 lbs, so imagine our cooling system is upgraded. Know my Flex is back to ordinary operating temps by the end of the return road at DS.


So... John... you need to tell us if opening up the grille helps cooling, and if so, how much.

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