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MKT RH Blend Door actuator

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Now that it's getting colder here, I noticed while riding in my wife's 2010 MKT that there is no heat on the passenger side coming from the vents. The driver's side works fine. I connected my scan tool and there's code B1082, Right Temp Damper Door stored and also active. I then went in to the datastream for the HVAC and compared the left and right hands. The position data changed for the left side while adjusting the temp setting knob, but the RH remained at 0 regardless of the setting of the knob.


I decided I'd compare the operation against my 2011 SHO only to learn that my SHO does not provide heat on the passenger side either, has the same diagnostic code, and same readings in datastream. My SHO is out of warranty so I pulled out the service manual and noticed that I just need to open the glove box door fully (like changing the cabin filter), remove two screws and a couple of electrical connectors, then install the new $25 part.


I thought for $25 it's not worth making an appointment with the dealer for my wife's MKT (hers is still under warranty) but then checked the procedure for the MKT. The manual for the MKT says the instrument panel upper section needs to be removed, and to remove that, the center trim panels need to be removed, the steering wheel needs to come off, etc. It seems odd to me that that much work needs to happen on the MKT when it's so easy on the relatively similar SHO.


All that background just for me to get to my question. Has anyone changed the blend door actuator on an MKT that knows if there's a shortcut to taking the instrument panel upper section out?



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I ended up replacing the actuator by myself. The part cost at the dealer was $22 versus the $25 for a Dorman part from the chain auto parts store. Replacing the actuator in the MKT is not easy (even more difficult than in my 2011 SHO) but it can be done without removing the instrument cluster. The trick for me was having a low profile right angle 1/4" screwdriver head. A thumbwheel socket wrench is useful too.


I replaced the actuator last year just before Thanksgiving and the heat has not been a problem since.



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