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Not familiar with SSI tunes...can you tell us more about them?

You can go to Southern Speed Inc. and they have a Form that I belong to very good information there. I had a 2011 Eco that I had several different tunes on I like SSI better now I have a 2013 I am running SSI on it . I like that you can data log the SSI tunes and he will adjust they to your liking. The best way to learn about SSI tunes is go to Southern Speed Inc. and check them out. There a some F150 Screw 4X4 SSI tuned running 13.2 @ 101.in the 1/4 mile tune only.

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Although I have ALWAYS used Livernois Motorsports exclusively, and have ALWAYS been nothing short of incredibly happy with every aspect of my experiences with them.....


The other tuning options that I've heard of are as follows:



Tuning By James




There may be others out there that I am unaware of, but since LMS was the very 1st vendor to tune any EcoBoost platform, and their proven performance track record (specifically the only ECO to have crossed into the 11's), coupled with their extensive involvement in the EcoBoost platform in so many aspects (Engines, Rods, Pistons, Heads, Tuning, Exhaust, Intakes, you name it), simply compels me to not even remotely consider any other option.


Good luck in w/e it is you choose, and please report back your experiences respectively.

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