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Hi All,

This winter I will be transitioning from my G37 to a Transit Connect Wagon (Van) with the 1.6L EcoBoost now that we have just had our 3rd child. I talked to the folks at Livernois and they will need it for 3-4 weeks this winter to get the tuning done as they are not sure the existing 1.6 tuner will work. It will have leather, panoramic roof etc. I believe the Focus ST wheels will fit with the look so I'll be adding those as well. The brakes will be upgraded next Spring along with suspension. I think it's going to look pretty good when all is said and done. My only concern is the transmission and trying to figure out how much is can handle. The Fiesta ST they tuned puts down just over 200 HP and 277 Torque. I'll post pics as I move forward, now we just need a section on the site for EcoBoost Transit Connects! I'll try to a picture of what it will look like prior to wheels and suspension and it will be the short wheel base version since that is the only way to get the EcoBoost. The Long Wheel Base forces you into the 2.5 NA motor.



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Oh wow..... a Transit Connect project! Very cool for sure.


I can't think of any individual who's taken on such a concept with an Ecoboost platform. At least not from an individual owner's perspective.


Please be sure, since you're blazing trails in this arena, to document each mod, as they are tackled, and likewise, be sure to capture lots of 'Before' and 'After' pictures.


I too am looking forward to this adventure, and welcome to the community!



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