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Megan Racing Coil Overs Arrived!!!

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Megan Racing Coil Overs Arrived......


Got them for $819.95 through racing lab.com


Holding off on installing until my newly ordered front adjustable end links arrive next week.


A few teaser pics out of the box.......

















My intent on installing these is duofold. I'd like to start road coursing the SHO at some point, however my primary reason is to help offset (or benefit) the new power increases I've made recently and am looking to counteract to much weight shifting to the rear axle on the drag strip.


With the new #'s I am running, I'd sure as hell hate to have to much front wheel spin and/or wheel hop. Yikes!


Speaking of power #'s...... a little birdie whispered into my ear this morning, that the new video from LMS will be going up in an official thread to be created by them, sometime today.

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Thanks for the kudos. To view this product in person, is really the best way to verify how impressive they are.


I am looking forward to the addition / upgrade and am hoping to really stiffen up the @ss end of my car, as like I said, with the new power levels I am running at, I am even more concerned now about front axle wheel hop and wheel spin.


So by stiffening up the rear, I'm hoping to stay as level as possible when launching (or rather..... hurtling) down the track. LOL.

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Big thanks goes out entirely to crash712us (Chris) for steering me in the right direction in regards to the adjustable REAR sway bar end links.

Ordered them up yesterday.

Turns out that the EXACT same company I ordered the FRONTS from, does in fact have, the REARS as well.

I ended up calling the company owner (Chip Munich) who oddly enough as it turns out, used to be one of the higher ups over at LMS back in the day and worked out of a separate facility they owned which was located down the street from their current facility.

Weird. Small world.

Anyhow, after yuck'n it up with Chip for a little bit, and going back and forth verifying fitment, etc. turns out that he does have the REARS and for the headache involved (as I originally desired to order one solitary complete set to reduce shipping costs, time of delivery, etc.) Chip was nice enough to extend me healthy discount on the REARS.

So thanks again to Chris (crash712us) for providing the info that he had..... not only on the FRONTS i'll add, BUT ALSO on the REARS.


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Alrighty...... well....


The Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links arrived yesterday, which now makes my anticipated suspension upgrades complete (for now)....






Spoke to my mechanic pal out here by me, and he informed me he's booked solid all next week, which means installing all the current suspension upgrades I have in hand, will have to wait at least until AFTER the long upcoming Labor Day Weekend.


Meh...... what ev's as the kid's say nowadays.


Moving along, and in anticipation of the fun, I did pop my racing fuel cherry and picked up my very 1st can of VP Racing Fuels MS109, as that is needed to run the two higher boost (non-DD) tune files.


To mark the occasion, I chose to capture the moment in digital form as well.....




Finally, was chat'n it up with a fellow co-worker who's big into the drag scene, and has built many a cars over time who turned me onto a gentlemen he knows very well, who's business is located in Ohio, and he specializes in nothing but high performance, custom, transmissions and other drive train upgrades.


So I'll likely be putting the feeler out to him next week sometime.


Ideally, I'd like to pick up a used 6F55 trans out of the bone yard, or what have you, and ship it off for tear down / inspection / etc. to see what needs improving and where.


So although I anticipate the process taking some time, it's at least a start nonetheless. So i'll continue, as always, keeping y'all informed.



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Got a surprise text earlier this week from my mechanic pal which simply read "had a cancellation, I can get you in before Labor Day. How does Wednesday sound, 10am?" Of course I replied without any hesitation "Yes!".


So after having worked over night Tuesday, I crawled into bed at 7am, set the alarm for 9am, and on a scant 2hrs of sleep at best, I head over to the shop. Now I should mention that besides the suspension parts in hand, I also brought along two large Monster's to assist the 1/2 pot of coffee I slammed down prior to leaving the house. LOL.


So you know the old saying..... out with the old, and in with the new:











Just as we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, and having completed three of the four wheels, we proceeded to the last corner (at the right front) and "Uh oh"...... seems the R/F Axle was seized into the entire R/F hub assembly.


Man this b!tch wasn't coming out.


Applied heat knowing full well the wheel bearing would be trashed, then started hammering away and nothing. She wasn't budging.


Long story short..... ended up having to torch it off and as a result, must order a new R/F axle, new R/F hub assembly and new R/F wheel bearing before we proceed any further.


Not a happy camper.


First thought's that were running through my mind were the added (and unexpected) costs. But then tried to figure out why this occurred.


Initial impressions were that that the right front corner of the car is more exposed to water along the curb, etc causing premature corrosion, etc. but then when we were in the actual process of torching it off, it took so much damn effort, that I was thinking to myself nah, this can't be corrosion.


So as the parts dropped to the floor, and began to cool off, it dawned upon me that due to the amount of torque steer that's placed on the R/F corner, in conjunction with not only my previous track runs and what not, but also with the newly obtained power levels I'm currently at, I'm thinking perhaps the axle shaft maybe torqued itself onto and into, the hub assembly???


Well, to make matters even worse, it appears that at least through FMC, there's a Nat'l Back Order on the axle & hub assembly.


Then my cell phone rings, and it's my 15yr old calling, in tears, saying she's incredibly sick and needs me to pick her up ASAP.


Ugh...... poop always happens in three's I swear.


So, I ended up leaving the shop, on a borrowed loaner car, whilst my SHO remains there, on the rack, awaiting parts.


At this point, we're hoping the replacements arrive today, but even with my fingers crossed, I'm not holding out hope.


Besides, even if they do arrive, it's a matter of what time during the day they arrive, as the car still needs to be re-assembled.


Knowing we're on the front end of an extended holiday weekend, no one's gonna want to stay late to work on my car, and I'm slated to work this entire weekend anyhow.


So gggggrrrrrrrrr.........


But anyhow, wanted to at least update the community as to what's transpiring with this latest mod.


Hope y'all enjoy your weekend with family and friend's respectively. Me? I'm actually kind of hoping for the forecasted rain to hold true, as it will likely result in less activity for me.


Ciao for now good people!

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We were trying to think of when we did the lowering springs and yes we did have to take the hubs out/down for that also. I believe they were installed sometime in the spring of 2011 if i'm not mistaken. Final text from my mechanic friend indicated the new parts would not be in until next Wednesday. Then he said enjoy your holiday weekend. Gotta love it. At least he was able to source the parts to begin with.

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We were trying to think of when we did the lowering springs and yes we did have to take the hubs out/down for that also. I believe they were installed sometime in the spring of 2011 if i'm not mistaken. Final text from my mechanic friend indicated the new parts would not be in until next Wednesday. Then he said enjoy your holiday weekend. Gotta love it. At least he was able to source the parts to begin with.
Maybe a heavy duty set of axles and hubs are in your future then. I haven't heard of that happening to anyone as of yet. But hey you are in uncharted waters here. ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Alrighty then folks..... Finally retrieved the car late Thursday from the shop.


New Right Front Half Shaft & Axle Assembly, as well as a New Right Front Hub Assembly installed / replaced.


The Megan Coil Overs are now installed. Have not had an alignment performed as of yet. Haven't had a whole lot of "seat time" with them, as I worked Wed & Thurs, and also had overtime during the day on Thursday. Needless to say, I came home yesterday, and essentially went comatose.


Car still drives straight though, so I don't feel all that rushed to get the alignment done. I was able to get contact info on two different shops that perform what I've since learned is properly termed "scale balancing". The closest shop nearest me is located in Rockford, IL. which is kind of a drive.


Seems like a fairly involved process and takes quite a few hours to perform. I had previously referred to this as "corner balancing". Sounds pricey too. Like in the $500-$600 range from what I'm being led to believe.


So that will come in due time as well. The additional (and unexpected) expenses of the replacement OEM parts to just install the Megan's threw me for a lil loop and I'm quickly finding myself depleted of mod money. Speaking of added expenses..... the additional labor was hefty to as I previously explained, the R/F Axle would just not disengage from the R/F hub assembly.


Not sure how, or why this happened, as the L/F side disengaged perfectly fine. Maybe too much torque out of the right side causing the parts to fuse together beyond OEM specs. That combined with heat, and/or corrosion, may have been the perfect tri-fecta to cause the presented circumstance.


Anyhow, I wanted to post up a couple of pics of the (old) R/F Hub, with a portion of the axle still inside of it. I say a portion, because this sh!t was literally permanently mated onto the hub assembly. So much so, that it had to be welded / torched off.


Take a looksie loo.....










Kind of wild if you ask me. We did load up the replacement with a crap load of the anti seize lube, and if I'm bored, my mechanic pal and I discussed maybe tearing it down in 6 mo.'s from now, just to poke around and see if things are all good, or something else may be contributing to the original issue.


Moving along, H&R decals have been now officially removed, as have their lowering springs. Too bad they've never invested in coil overs for our platform, as I truly believe as most of our cars age, that a lot of us will opt in on the coil overs as simple replacements for worn, OEM shocks/struts.


H&R has always been overly kind to me personally, and some small part of me regrets them not extending their product offerings beyond mere lowering springs. Oh well.


I'll keep this thread updated, as to my experiences with the Megan's (as they occur) as well as try to learn more about "scale balancing" and hopefully be allowed to take pics along the way when that part of the equation occurs as well.


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I myself am off, and may monkey around with the SHO today. There's a show at the Tilted Kilt in Woodridge, IL. tomorrow (Sunday 09/07/14) and I'm thinking I may want to participate. If anyone's around, feel free to stop by, or better yet, come early to enter your own ride(s) respectively.



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As I stated previously, I did remove the H&R decals of/from the side of the lower front bumper clip, and have now replaced them with the Megan Racing Coil Over Decals, and opted instead, to place them on the lower rocker molding(s) towards the very rear most portion of each rear door.

I personally think they look better positioned in this area, and being more towards the bottom, they really are kind of subtle for the most part.

I snapped a couple of pics of them for y'all to see......







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I continue to enjoy them.


The adjustability of damping, is what I've found most useful thus far.


The ability to change the feel of the ride, as well as being able to control body roll, as well as weight transfer from front to rear makes them worthwhile investment alone.


I don't mess with ride height at all.


My only gripe would be the powder coating could've been a lil better. I noticed when prepping for recent big shows I exhibited in, that some of the PC work is/has flaked off on the front psgr spring.


But other than that minor appearance issue, a solid set up for sure.




Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk

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