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Here's Bpd's Video!

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Thanks guys for all the positive comments posted thus far!


I am really excited about the new power levels I am at. My entire goal was / is, to possess a viable power plant, that is able to hold up longevity wise, to multiple passes on the track, as well as to be a solid daily driver.


That's it in a nutshell.


Sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I was tied up with my photographer pal (and best friend) Jeff, owner of HKMediaChicago.com


We picked up one of his models and proceeded to buzz around the great City Of Chicago for another photo shoot / session today. So new (phenominal) pics are forthcoming.


Uber excited not only on a personal level, but also uber excited for Livernois Motorsports, as well as the Big Blue Oval for properly rep'n the Ecoboost platform accordingly!


HUGE KUDOS GOES OUT TO Mr. Dan Millen and all of the Staff @ Livernois Motorsports for applying all of their talents respectively!





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What a great feat of engineering! You, Livernois and Ford are all to be commended. I am excited to hear of new 1/4 mile times as well as seeing the results of today's photo shoot!

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