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A Salute To DJE624 & mjhpadi.....

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Ok, so I'm sure we're all aware of how much DJE624 & mjhpadi are constantly clamoring about detailing their SHO's, and offering tips, and product info/assessment, etc. All of which I'll add are extremely helpful to the community at large.


But today, I just had this urge to snap off a couple of pics of my own, to help poke a lil fun at the two of them to show exactly how water should bead off of our car's surface(s).


That said, I was pretty tactical in avoiding some pretty hefty storms that were traversing the Chi-Town area today, while on my way into work. It was cool to observe the rain shafts coming down in the distance, and planning my route accordingly.


I succeeded in those efforts. So I park, exit the car and head into the building for beginning of my shift.


No less than 15min later, I exit the building only to see that's those very same storms I dodged, had passed over the parking lot and subsequently my SHO.


So reveling in the awesome beading action going on, I elected to whip out my cell and captures these two shots:






If y'all look close enough, you can actually see in the last image, the water pooling up and beginning to run off the roof and onto the windshield!


Now that's a slick detail job if I must say so myself.


LOL. Love you guys.

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That really looks fantastic! Lives up to my motto. Go Fast and Look Good Doing It. BTW, I have to default to MJH for my detailing inspiration. But thanks for including me in such great company.

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