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New to the SHO, just bought my 2011 Kona blue non pp a few weeks ago and love it! Only issue is the shift from 1st to 2nd during hard acceleration. Only happens at WOT or close to it, almost seems like around 5k it goes into neutral for a split second then shifts to 2nd and it's fine after that. I've been trying to find others with the same issue but haven't had any luck. Any idea if it may be a sensor issue or worse? I am going to try to get it to a dealership this weekend to have them look at it. Also read that the software needed updating on some cars and that fixed issues. Thanks for the help!

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Welcome aboard! :cool:


Kona Blue's a rare one indeed. So much so that the particular insect that they used in it's development, grew scarce, and as a result, had to discontinue it's use in subsequent model years.


Take great care of that SHO indeed!


Reference your reported trans issue(s), I do believe there is a TSB that applies, whereas they change or swap out some check balls or something in one of the plates if I recall correctly.


Snoop around for it, as it may be of some assistance with the symptoms you are describing.


Otherwise, enjoy the hell out of it!

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Almost forgot to update on what the issue was. After the shop had it for 3 weeks on and off and no codes showing they decided to check the trans fluid and found it was really low. They ended up putting 3.5 quarts of fluid in it. After the transmission fluid was filled it shifts perfect! Kind of mad at myself I didn't think to check that earlier but no one I spoke to thought it would be something that simple

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Well I just bought it back in August so I am betting that they serviced it and whoever filled it didn't fill it all the way. I had it in the air the first week I got it and once since while it was at the shop and there wasn't/isn't any leaks so luckily I barely put 1500 miles on it while it was possibly at that low level. The dealership I took it to(not the place I bought it from) checked everything and there wasn't any metal shavings or damage to the trans

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