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Major Water leak in the Passenger Floor after car wash

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I have had this water leak coming from the HVAC box after going through one particular car wash but only when the strong lower quarter panel sprays in on. It is a brush type car wash so the rest of the car was in lower pressure. The first time this happen I took the windshield wiper area apart and cleaned the drains and checked for any reason the water would get into the HVAC intake. Is there any were down around the wheel well area that water could be blown into the HVAC air box area? I'm thinking about removing the inner wheel well to look around.


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I don't think a pipe cleaner is nearly long enough to do the job, I think the drain runs from the roof all the way to the bottom of the car, I know it did in our 99 Sable, which then the drain soaked the sound insulation, which caused rusting in the frame rails. Ford isn't the best on running drain lines. On my F-150 the AC condenser drain, dripped on the O2 sensor lines and caused it to short out.

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