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Not sure who the masters of EcoBoost tuning are?

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So, over the past few weeks we have taken you guys on our EB Mustang journey. From the day that she finally came home To our day 2 "scientific testing". Then the fun we had at our customer appreciation day.




The car is COMPLETELY stock other than the tune and the 20" HRE rims! Before anyone asks, it also has a FULL interior...unlike another famous EcoBoost Mustang!



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Very nice!!! Never a doubt on the eco tuning. That "other" ecostang also had pipes, upgraded half shafts, and stripped to only go .1 quicker. Congrats!!! Any plans on

getting that top end to compliment the stellar 60'? Rich


That car is also a performance pack car that has the exclusive 3.55 gear set in it, and our car is NOT a performance pack car.

We stacked the deck against us, and still almost beat it! ATM, we are trying to get our footing before we open other projects.


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