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2015 SHO no PP -- what upgrades??

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I just bought a 2015 SHO without the performance package. I've been following various forums, and this seems to be the best one.


It seems like everyone is raving about the Livernois tunes. I'm gonna pull the trigger, but I have a few questions....


1) In addition to the tuner, thermostat and cold air intake are there any other things I should be looking at (i.e. downpipes, exhaust, etc)? I'm not looking to build a track monster, but I would like to have streetable, daily driver that will get with the program and hurt some people's feelings :)


2) I've heard that some people experience a gurgling noise when they have put on aftermarket exhaust. I would like a deeper rumble to the exhaust than what I'm getting from the factory setup. I would like some healthy exhaust note when under wot, but not obnoxious around town.


I have a decent budget to work with and the tuner, thermostat and  air intake combo seems to get you the most bang for your buck, but does this combo reach its full potential without downpipes and exhaust? 


This is my first Ecoboost, but i do have a 2013 F350 dually with a Banks tuner, air intake and DPF back exhaust, so I have some knowledge of the aftermarket tuning scene, just not so much in the Ecoboost arena.


Any help that will point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Best bang for your buck is the tune and associated upgrades to the thermostat and regapping the plugs.  Cold air intake is not a necessity however options are K&N, Airraid or MDesign.  MDesign is the sexiest and appears to be the best design to date.  A few options on exhaust Magnaflow, Borla, Stainless Works, Corsa, Dynomax.  Probably the most popular is Corsa however this upgrade would be more for sound as opposed to performance.  Downpipe options are LMS, PPE or Stainless Works.  If you have any concerns with warranty, you may to hold off on downpipes as some brands will throw a code when returning to stock for dealership servicing.  LMS and PPE make solid downpipes.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck.

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Livernois makes great tunes and they are reliable, I think they are the best. After the tune, downpipes will give you more low end torque and the catted downpipes from Livernois will NOT throw a code. As far as the rest of the exhaust, I have it from a very knowledgeable source the only mod needed is a removal of the 3rd cat and the resonator. However, the 3.5 will not sound like a V-8, but the mods I've mentioned will give a nice sounding exhaust note.  

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