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World's Fastest Taurus SHO (take 2) 11.542 @ 119.49MPH


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Ok, so although there's a long, long history, as well as multiple rather entertaining stories on how this achievement finally came about, I've been told on more than one occasion, that I'm too "long winded".


Therefore, in a refreshing change of pace, I'll just keep this really sweet, short, and simple, by posting the following:





Now, in closing, I'm not naïve enough to believe I'll hang onto to this title for very long, but I'll relish in the 15min of lime light while I can.


Likewise, and although the "thank you" list is ever expanding, and (trying) to stick to my short posting.....


I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the following for their involvement and inspiration respectively:


Mr. Dan Millen, owner of Livernois Motorsports & his entire staff, info found at:

www.livernoismotrosports.com  or by phone at: (313) 561-5500


Mr. Matthew Hencinski, owner of Finishline Cars, & his entire staff, info found at:

www.finishlinecars.com  or by phone at: (815) 556-1006


Mr. Jeff Liu, owner of HK Media Chicago, & his revolving partners, info found at:

www.hkmediachicago.com  or by phone at:  (630) 280-1670


All of my fellow SHO owners, of all Generations, including Zach Wright for keeping my developing old ass motivated in the true spirit of competition likewise.


Thank you and enjoy! 

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