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Multi-Contour Seat, Seat Filters....

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Taking advantage of the unusually warm, nice weather here in CHI-Town yesterday, I decided to vacuum out my car's interior, from all the dry leaves and crap that got blown into it (inadvertently) while I had made my multi-state criss crossing adventure back -n- forth to/from Milan Dragway earlier this week.


So my OCD kicked in when I happen to raise the seats all the way to their highest point, and peered underneath, to ensure I got all the leaves, etc.


Well, it dawned upon me to take a gander up at those goofy seat filters that are installed into my multi-contour seats on my 2010 SHO.


Wow! Were they filthy. I recall there had been previous chitter chatter about these, but couldn't locate the posts. But anyhow, I called over to the Dealership and checked with the parts dept. and they had replacements in stock.


So I took the SHO on over there, and picked me up a pair.


Didn't dawn upon me to look inside the boxes until just today, but it appears Ford has implemented a design change on these babies.


My old one's had an actual cloth filtering element covering the opening. They were dusty and dirty as you can see below in the side by side comparo.....




It appears the redesigned ones are being touted by FMC as a "Lifetime Filter" but as you can see, the cloth filtering element has been ditched, and replaced by mere holes formed in the plastic to make a "screen" I'm guessing?


Not entirely sure if I like this new design, but in the same token, I suppose it would help prevent the major stuff from getting into the motor, all the while maybe making it less taxing on the motor as well, to circulate air into the seat's chambers. Maybe this was done to prevent motor overheating? IDK?


Anyhow, here's the individual pic below, with the part # displayed accordingly.




Part #: EU5Z*19E880*B


Hope that's of help to any of you considering changing these out, and if you hadn't considered it before, please do so. Mine were original to the car, so they're 5yrs old. Probably should've checked 'em sooner tbh.


Oh well. Enjoy, and happy motoring my fellow Ecobooster's of all makes! 

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I replaced mine either last summer or the summer before, and I think they were still the old design.  But I also had a problem with my seats that both kept inflating fully without anyone touching the buttons.  Ford was aware of the problem with the seats and mine were repaired under warranty, but I would suggest changing the filter every few years. 

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