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2016 sho pp introduction


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Hi guys ordered a sho will be here in may I live in Fairbanks Alaska where we have dry cold air with decent long roads where driving 400 miles to get to the closest fun city Anchorage is my way of life.

This is my introduction to the forums.

My goals for the car is to make it more of a car that it is want to install the Lincoln's thx audio try out kickers free Flo subs in the rear deck and make some fog light shrouds and add nos. To the ney says I've done lots of reading of actual books on Flo testing, ECU tuning, sport suspension tuning, and the applications of nos no one is really breaking these cars I will be seeing what it takes and relay everything I have done and reading is one thing actually doing is another.

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Moose usually walk rather slow I look far down the road I don't look just in front of my car. No there are no drag strips there are a few race tracks but they are all dirt I believe and are ment for speeds around 50 race track in Anchorage 400miles away and the wife is strongly against racing she hates it when I get on the gas because someone next to me is to try stealing my lane or when this guy was test driving a used dodge charger on the turn he nailed the gas I waited till he was just next to me I nailed it we went up to about 70 in a 45 we both backed off same time but then passes me going 50 he had a very sad face.

Also when hitting 140 I slammed the breaks on a previous run there is so much tape on this car i started smelling something burning thinking maybe just the trees but didn't smell it when driving by before so i stopped took a look at the breaks and engine bay didn't see anything smoking but strong burning paper smell probably should of tries looking at the drive shafts usually where they have labels but car still drives great no issues breaks feel same. But that's why in the final video I didn't slam the breaks to show how fast could come to a stop.


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