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Buying a SHO 2013 or 2014 need opinions

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Good morning,

I'm researching through the forums and reviews to help decide what options are most important. I am trying to determine will the PP increase the reliability even if it's primarily a daily driver? Also, to anyone who has a SHO with PP how does the changed gear ratio effect the highway gas mileage? I live in WV and travel a lot for work. Any recommendations or information will be greatly appreciated from must have options to upgrades after purchase.

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I have the pp at 45 you get 35 every five up you lose five also below 45 you lose I went 400 miles at 70 and got around 24 mpg with some hills in the really hilly area I would go 55-60 averaged 16 during that section car was awesome never downshifted like in previous 12 GMC terrain 4 cyl


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The SHO Ecoboost platform has proven rather stout across the board, PP equipped, or not.


The biggest advantage for the 2013 & up PP equipped cars, is that it includes all of the auxiliary coolers not found on the Non-PP cars.


Also, the PP equipped cars do come with the 3.16 final gear ratio.


Non-PP's are 2.77


No difference at all in speed, etc. once a tune is applied. None whatsoever.


Easiest way to tell the differences between a PP version, versus a Non-PP is by peering through the front lower grille opening, and observing the aux tranny cooler (for the PP) & if there is no cooler, than it's a Non-PP.


Any other questions, let the community know.


Good luck in your quest!


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My car doesn't have the PP, and from what I've seen there is very little difference in fuel mileage between the two.  It is more how you drive the car, if I drive for mileage with summer fuel I can easily average about 26 mpg in my normal driving in a mountain rich area, on interstates it will do 28-29 mpg.  However, with winter fuel the mileage will drop 5-7 mpg ever driving very conservatively.  Lastly, if I drive aggressively the mileage will easily drop to 15-17 mpg range depending on how far and how often my right foot gets extended. Just FYI I have kept very detailed fuel records the entire life of my car and I have found one of the worst fuels for mileage is Sunoco, it isn't very high quality fuel and I don't recommend it.

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