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Livernois v10 Tune - Cooling Issues


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Hi all!


Was hoping I might find some assistance here.


I recently installed the 3Bar map sensor, 160 T-Stat, and v10 tune. Have not yet installed the plugs. 
Everything was going fine for a while, and I love the new tune. A few months in, I was driving the car around on an exteremely hot day, and noticed coolant temperatures starting to skyrocket to the point where the stock temp gauge started throwing warnings at me. I limped the car home and assumed that I had lost more coolant than expected when doing the thermostat swap.
I filled the coolant back up once the car cooled down, which curbed the issue for a while. Now all of a sudden I'm noticing that the radiator fans are running constantly, even when just tooling around town this morning on a cold day. Temps are starting to rise again.
Am I correct in assuming that the coolant system is still not properly burped or filled? Since the problem is getting worse again, do I have a leak?
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Fans are programmed via their tune, to run almost, if not constantly on.


Which is perfectly fine, because there was actually an issue with the relays from Ford, whereas the contacts would get corroded (for lack of running) and one of the resolutions under the TSB, was/is to reprogram the factory tune, to cause the fans to cycle on/off at a more frequent rate.


I would guess, if you're having issues resurface after having topped of the overflow reservoir, you likely did not burp the system correctly to begin with, post install of the after market thermo.


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You indicated that the issue began "a few months in."   If you are saying that the temps were normal for a few month after installing the thermostat  but now they are not, that seems odd.  If you didn't get it burped, it shouldn't take a few months for the problem to arise.   Are you losing coolant?  If so, you should check for a leak around the thermostat housing.   I would also check the oil to make sure water isn't finding its way in there.  Any unusual vapor out the tailpipes?

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