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Center console

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When.you say you "ordered the part", what did that order entail?


Just the cover itself? The whole entire piece, to include the cup holder and cover as all one unit?


In either scenario, both repairs are fairly easy peasy.....


If it is/was just the cover only, then the posts that protrude from either end, simply snap into the clips on the cup holder well itself.


If you ordered the entire assembly, we'll then that's just as easy....


You want to dislodge/partially remove the long, thin plastic straps that outline either side of the center console.


These strips are.... on the driver's side it has the push start button, and on the psgr side, the trunk release button.


Once you remove those, you will expose the fasteners (IIRC I think they are 8mm hex heads) that hold down each piece of the center console itself.


In your case, the cup holder with broken cover will look like this once removed:




Ignore my white cf work....


But that's the gist of it.


Need anything else, post or pm me.


Good luck.


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