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LMS Thermostat Question

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New to forum, old to ford.10 yrs n vegas, Detroit Native...Just picked up a new 2016 blk sho w/pp, pulled out of the dealer the first day I got her at a light and a charger r/t with some green mopar painted on the side pulled up next to me.(I think the green mopar meant I got a CAI) he started revin his engine so I dropped it down in sport stomped on the gas (I would have spun in my past supercharged mustangs

& tuned BMW 335i no pedalling AWD ROCKS) looked at my dash it said 85...looked in my review mirror and saw about a two car lead. Sorry now for my question, Im interested in starting with the LMS Tune, 3 bar & Thermostat, I understand that if I need to take the vehicle back for warranty work, recall ( lets hope neither happens)Ill need to dial the tune back to stock, reinstall the 2 bar sensor but is it also reccomended I reinstall the original Thermostat? Thx for the help...looking forward to connecting to other SHO owners in Las Vegas

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Could happen. I think it's a P0168 or something to that effect. I don't think it's a consistent anomaly however.


There are some Dealerships that are friendly to mods.


Best bet is to just be honest about those things you've done.


And even that said, if you're truly concerned about it, the thermo is nothing more than a 15min job anyhow.


Not much longer than it takes to swap tunes really.




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I have never taken my car back to stock for any work at the dealer...discussed it early with the dealer and they didn't see a problem with any of the mods I installed...if you have a good relationship with the dealer and their service department, I would discuss what they thought of having a tune, and other mods you want to install.  My dealer's service manager was very familiar with Livernois Motorsports and their close working relationship with Ford, so I have never had a problem at the dealer. 

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