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Bruce, the Continental looks sweet, but out on the nasty roads sure makes me cringe!  Hope the weather improves. We had some light fuffy snow last night, but gone today and roads are clear and dry...will probably take the SHO out for a fill up and a trip to the scuba center.  I just love filling up since 2017...we are no paying 78 cents a gallon state tax so Premium is well over 3 dollars a gallon now.... :angry:

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bruce- looking sweet except the snow. mine hasn't seen any snow since she became garage queen show car although i can remember she handled snow real well. now have to drive my beater in snow unless daughter has it then have to drive my dd in it & let me tell you a hemi chally & snow don't get along at all. it amazes me that in the old days before front wheel drive, we never thought a thing about driving a big engine v8 in the snow, how times have changed.

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