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EBC Rotor/Pad Update

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Most of you are aware that I changed my rotors and pads in early summer this year to the EBC Slotted/Dimpled rotors and EBC Redstuff pads.  One of the requirements for Pennsylvania state inspection is the inspection and measurement of brakes and pads.  I have probably put about 7-8K miles on my car since the change and I was very pleased with the results of the inspection yesterday.  Both front and rear pads measured at 12/32, which is still very good. It is also nice to know that all the pads are wearing evenly.  Thumbs up to EBC!

    One thing that I found funny was that my General tires have 1/32 less tread on the front than on the rear....darn that front wheel drive basis! Or could be I have gotten a little to heavy footed leaving from a stop on occasion????

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mark-that's real good news on your ebc's. i haven't had mine measured, but have them on both my cars. both being heavy & takes good breaking power to stop them & ebc's do that. the only thing i wish that on my sho would have done what you did with the slotted/dimpled. with my open wheels would have looking even better than just slotted, but it is what it is. just wish carlisle wasn't 800 miles away, would love to come over.

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Good feedback Mark.

I'm not having any luck with the Centric Premium rotors and Centric Posi-Quite pads.

They've been on the car almost year and 7,000 miles. They are shuddering and grab uneven. [emoji34]

Next time I'm in for service, I'll have them checked.


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You were wise beyond your years, that's why :)

mark- my wife is the same, has never been to one of my shows, even just for a few minutes. her response is i see it everyday taking up room in our garage collecting dust, don't need to see it any more than that. i think the thing that has helped out our marriage of now 41 yrs, is that i'm a morning person & she's a night person, so spend little time together. although did get her to go with me over the weekend to look at a car color thinking about ordering for new dd, as daughter's car just cost us $500 more for a starter, about ready to turn it over for a charitable deduction, that's all it's good for.

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I got mine from The Place For Brakes. They had the best pricing I found and they did have free shipping with orders over $50.00.  Don't know if they still do free shipping, but their service was great and so was their customer service.  Here is the website: http://www.placeforbrakes.com/products/brake-pads-and-sensors/ebc-brakes?check=1


Check them out.  I know when we replace brakes on either the Explorer or the SHO I will purchase from them again.

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Which part number for the front rotors did you buy?  And was it just the rotor or did the rotor come with the unit bearing and reluctor?  EBC wants four hundred bucks just for the front rotors.  I did the EBC redstuff and slotted rear brakes and love them.  But sticker shock is killing me on the fronts. 




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