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New guy from Canada!


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Hey fellas!


A buddy of mine told me about the forums and I finally got around to signing up!


Little about me:


My name is Ivan and I'm from Alberta, Canada. Like the rest of us I love and live cars. Currently married with a little one that's almost a year and I drive a modified 2011 Fusion Sport AWD. (I know it's not an ecoboost lol)


Love the car, it does a great job holding the cars seat, keeping the wife happy and comfortable for daily driving. On the flip side, once the baby is in bed or I've got some time to go for a drive it's great on a canyon road, autocross etc.


Everyone likes pictures...










And here is a few video clips.





Here is an autocross I did last summer:


In car: this one shows the chaos inside


Bumper cam: shows more speed and some great sounds!

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Ivan, great to see you here. Thanks for joining us, hope you enjoy it here!  BTW, check out the Carlisle topic...knowing you are a Ford guy, you should consider joining us at the Ford Nationals this year....if you can get the time off, I know you would love it. And we would love to have you join our crew!

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Wow, that is a long drive, but you could always fly into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...and make arrangements, one of us could meet you and ride with us. Since a lot of us only have one person. The event pass we get is for two, you won't have to pay to get into the show.  Just a thought, but it really is an awesome event and great time!

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