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Replace drivers side mirror glass

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I have a 2013 PP SHO with CPO warranty. I have had the car only 8 months. My mirror has suffered delamination and has turned all black. Ford will not replace under CPO warranty and wants $450 dollars to replace just mirror glass, not the whole mirror unit. Not only is a black mirror irritating it is also a safety issue. I found part number:

AG1Z-17K707-DD which is just the mirror glass with blind spot, but not heated, for around $237 bucks and will attempt to replace myself. Does anyone have knowledge or detailed instructions on how to replace mirror glass? Or know where I can find detailed instructions? Thanks for any help, I am current disabled and financially unable to pay such craziness for a mirror.

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I've replaced plenty of mirrors over the years, and they're pretty consistent in their removal/reinstallation.


Open the door, on the inside, where the mirror sits in relation to the door, there'll be a decorative plastic cover.


That simply pops off with a panel removal tool, or anything flat for that matter (think putty knife, spatula, flathead screwdriver, etc.)


Once that cover's off, you'll see three screws protruding inwards, from the outside. Those are the mounting screws from the mirror assembly. Those three screws are secured with nuts, that fasten the assembly, to the car/door. Remove those nuts, and the assembly will be free.


There'll be a wire loom with a harness that you'll need to disconnect, before being able to disengage the entire assembly off of/away from, the car.


Reverse the above for installation.


Take care to make sure any insulation, gaskets are replaced/repositioned properly, before tightening everything back down.


My only concern for you at this point, would be the connectivity of the wiring harness itself. Please verify with vendor you're purchasing from, that a non-heated mirror assembly, will properly connect to what used to be a heated mirror.


Just double check that, as you may have different pins, etc. in that harness.


Good luck. It's not a difficult job by any means.


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I think he is talking about just replacing the mirror glass. That is a very simple process. There are clips that you simply release. And then you unplug the attachments to the mirror glass. Very easy process.  Check out Tasca for pricing, that is where I got mine. I'm not promoting them, just letting you know that's where I got mine. 


I had to replace my passenger side, heated, self dimming, integrated blind spot mirror. My son bonked into the passenger mirror, and the mirror glass popped off and shattered on the garage floor.  I also replaced both sides on a 2010 SHO.  I realize yours is a 2013 plus, but I can't imagine the process would be any more difficult.

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As you are still dealing with the problem in your original post from February? I would personally look on TASCA  website or call them. That's what I did when I needed my passenger-side glass only replaced.  SEE POST #3 ABOVE.   The little lite that you're talking about is called a blind spot monitor.




As stated earlier, once you get the replacement glass, it's a very easy installation. The hardest part is taking the old one off, and it's not that hard, and you really don't care if you break it.

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