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Help identifying this leak please

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Today I went to the DIY shop on base to attempt my PTU fluid change. Soon as I got her up on the lift and checked underneath I noticed an oil leak by the turbo. I took some pictures and attached them. Anyone know where this is leaking from? Also, It looks like my PTU was either changed at one point or someone did flush it before based off the markings on it. What do you all think?






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I would agree here with the others, in that there are WAY TO MANY markings on that PTU for it have rolled off the production line like that.


Even my PTU, which is factory (still to this day) has never presented the markings yours currently does.


Wish I would have done an inspection before buying this. I have all the previous paperwork and nothing showed it being at the dealer for anything related to the PTU. I could have my Dad's friend run the VIN on it (he works at a Ford dealer) and see if he can get a history on it.

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Think that would be a good idea. But if the previous owner did have the fluid change, remember Ford still insists that the PTU must be removed from the car for the change....So if the fluid was changed, there is a good chance the PTU was removed, especially if it is a hardcore "only do it by the Ford way" dealer.  Also remember, most dealers haven't seen a lot of SHO's and may not have a lot of knowledge about how things really are with them.

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Sorry to chime in late on this one but I had a similar issue of oil buildup around the rear turbo. The dealer said that the charge pipe was leaking so they replaced that. When I asked if the gaskets in the turbo should be replaced they insisted that it was just the charge pipe and that some oil presence in the compressor side of the turbo is normal.

I know we've talked about this a million times before, about how Ford says its good to have some oil there and how we shouldnt run catch cans, but Im getting skeptical... 


Also, as an aside, I wish there was a way to get more air on the rear turbo. The front one gets all the fresh breeze coming through the grille. If I were the rear turbo I'd be jealous!

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