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Last summer I installed new performance rotors and pads

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Last summer I installed "R1 Concepts CEDS11352 Eline Series Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors And Ceramic Pads Kit - Front and Rear" for $300. They look beautiful!  When I first installed the kit, I was worried because they were stopping like crap, even after following the break in instructions. After a couple weeks of driving though, they've seated in nicely and my SHO stops like nobodys business now!


The are a bit noisy under hard stopping, but they WILL bite hard. I've had to adjust my braking to compensate. It's been about eight months since I installed them, and they still look very nice. There's a tiny bit of rust starting to appear on the rotors, but I'm surprised they lasted this long. Overall I'm pretty happy with the purchase.


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Very nice! I'll have to look at R1's once my rotors are done. So far rubbing Lucas Oil DOT 4 fluid and Hawk HPS pads. Stopping power is great, reduced fade but it would be good to get rid of more heat with some slotted rotors.


Once I get stickier tires it will be nice to see some increased stopping distance.

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Brake mods are essential on these big pigs.


Especially for the '10-'12 crowd.


I originally ran EBC & Power Slots, then went all out with the Wilwood big brake upgrade at each corner, and massive, 15" rotors.


Now that stops my lady's fat @$$ like noone's business!!!


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Keep in mind as long as the factory brakes can lock up the tires it won't change any braking distance upgrading brakes. What it does help is brake fade this the 2nd 3rd etc brake application.

Pads/fluid< pads/ fluid/ slotted rotors< big brakes.


The only way your going to increase the stopping distance is by upgrading tires.

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