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Slid off icy road in snow storm - damaged my baby

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So during an ice storm last week, I went into a round-about that was pure ice. I almost made it through but on the far side I slid into the curb and it damaged my SHO  :(.


I got her back last night, $1500 later:


  • Bent rim replaced
  • Both tie rod ends replaced
  • Front lower control arm w/bushing
  • Suspension stabilizer bar
  • 4 wheel alignment
  • Wheel bearing replaced


They showed me the components that they removed, and I have to say that those pieces are pretty stout! Especially the lower control arm, it looks to be made of cast iron or solid steel. They were surprised because it was a meatier piece than comes even on a lot of trucks! I have done suspension work myself before, and most vehicles have arms made of sandwiched layers of thin steel and are hollow, and the rods and arms are pretty thin. On this car, it looks like the parts are pretty large. In any case, they look like high quality parts.


The one thing is that they couldn't tell from their parts manual the difference between the rims, and they ordered a non-SHO 19" rim for $400 whereas there was another model rim (that looks identical to me too) for $800. Not sure if the difference can be seen or not. I'll have to run it through a good wash and compare.



I'm glad to have her back.

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Did they check the rack?  I was told the electic powered racks dont like heavy shocks like hitting something that bent your rim or tie rods.  Just a heads up.

They claim it's fine, but I'm wondering myself. I didn't realize the 2011 had an electric rack though...?

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All Gen 4's have electric steering.  Sure hope the unit is OK!  Periodically check for codes in the PCM to make sure.


Glad you have your SHO back!  The bushings in the parts will usually die before the metal part does, effectively you still have to replace the whole thing :(

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